Alternative credit risk scoring that doesn’t wholly rely on your credit history

Crediva enables lenders to make informed credit risk assessments on individuals, even if they are deemed high risk, due to lack of previous credit score, or an inadequate credit history.

Why are we different?

Crediva specialises in alternative credit scoring models to enhance typical credit risk analysis processes and helps to enable firms to say ‘yes’ to more customers.

Combining technology, alternative data and advanced scoring analytics, our solutions help businesses to serve a more diverse range of the UK population, providing tools that can help to fairly assess suitability for credit, where previous credit history is not available.

Credit Reports

Crediva boasts extensive consumer coverage enabling our credit checks to fairly assess a wider proportion of the UK adult population, without over reliance on consumer credit account history.

Identity Theft

Your identity and personal details are valuable assets and highly sought after by criminals. If stolen, it may be difficult obtaining loans, credit cards or a mortgage for years afterwards.

Refused Credit?

Registering on the Electoral Roll, as well as providing accurate and complete personal information to the lender may improve your chances of obtaining credit. It’s also highly beneficial that bills and credit agreements are paid on time.

Statutory Credit Report

Your Statutory Credit Report provides details of your credit history and other public records in your name. You may obtain a copy of your SCR for free through a statutory process.